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Embrace your voice and embark on a journey of change with ISSU. Remember ISSU is…

  • Independent
  • Trusted
  • Reliable

First and foremost, ISSU is here for you. We’ve got your back. We strive for the active, real and democratic participation of second-level students in our education system and in society, in general. Our generation tends to get a lot of negative media attention and we’re now branded “ashes” of the once all mighty ‘Celtic Tiger’. We, the so called ‘celtic tiger cubs’, face the challenges of a modern world – challenges that are not even know yet. We are being educated for jobs that don’t yet exist, entrusted with the debt of a decade of selfish greed – but we can’t voice our concerns?

We don’t tell you what you want us to say. We have our own voice.

ISSU brings about real change. Now is your time to infulence it. “Become a leader – not a follower”

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