Junior Cycle Review

The ISSU National Board is calling on all second-level students to get involved with our submission to the NCCA (National Council of Curriculum & Assessment). We will be preparing our report in July with the intention to submit our findings in early August.

The NCCA have published their inital findings in their document entitled “Innovation & Identity”. A copy of the document can be seen below.

How to get involved

Email your thoughts, comments or suggestions to studentvoice@issu.ie or post them to “ISSU, 8th Floor, Liberty Hall, Dublin 1”, leave a comment on the ISSU facebook or use the comment box at the end of this page.

  • What are your thoughts on the current Junior Cycle programme, including the Junior Cert exam?
  • Does the Junior Cycle assist in bridging the cap between Primary School and Second-Level School?
  • What would you like to see in the Junior Cycle? Subjects, Exam style etc.

There is no set length or restrictions of any type on submissions. We encourage Student Council’s to submit group applications on behalf of your school – however individual submissions are also accepted.

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5 thoughts on “Junior Cycle Review

  1. 11 subjects for the JC = CRAZY

    Students’ are not given the oportunity to express their creativity or think outside the box. The transition from primary to secondary school is massive.

  2. I think the Junior Cert is good in that it prepares students for the Leaving Cert as they have more of an idea of what to expect from it but I think there should be continuous assessment rather than just a few weeks of written exams at the end of the three years – the current system puts too much pressure on students and isn’t an accurate measure of three years of learning.

  3. I think the Junior Cert is a good idea because it gives students in 1st to 3rd year something to work towards as if there was just 6 years of study and then the Leaving Cert, we wouldn’t be as focused in 1st to 3rd year. I do agree that it puts a lot of pressure on us though… I’m in one of the pilot schools for project maths and I think it’s a great idea but it’s too different to the way we learn in other subjects at the mo… you can’t just have one way of thinking for one subject and then just carry on with learning things off by heart and the way we do things in other subjects at the mo – the whole system needs to be changed!

  4. Good to read in today’s Irish Times that the ISSU backs a review of the Junior Certificate programme! As a teacher in a VEC school, I feel that it is essential that the views of students as well as teachers are heard in this process.

  5. I think the very idea of a junior cert is shocking most of us have been dossing for 2 years and when third year comes around were overworked. It is my opinion that there should be a programme of continous assesment.And Irish should be made optional, im not even irish and im made to do an irish exam.

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