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JC Maths Paper 2

Roisin (Higher Level Maths)

Today, we had maths paper two and C.S.P.E. – a day I’m very glad is over! Maths went pretty well, I think! I understood pretty much all of it, even the dreaded proofs! I only ran into one or two problems and I gave them my best attempt so hopefully it will have been fine!

James (Higher Level Maths)

This morning, I had Mathematics Paper 2. This wasn’t the easiest way to start the new week but I managed the paper well. I answered questions 1, 2 and 3 before skipping on to question 6 and then back to 5. By the time I had reached question 4, I had very little time remaining and was disappointed as this looked like a handy question. However, I answered every other question well and overall, I feel good about my Maths exam.

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