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Owen (Higher Level)

Well, well I’m finally free and about time… wooooo!!

After having a whole week to ‘compose’ myself and prepare for music, I was already feeling like I was on my summer holidays so it honestly didn’t feel like I still had an exam left at all!

However, this morning was a different matter, the nerves were flowing and the adrenaline was rushing but maybe it was just the excitement of finally being finished!!

Got into the exam hall pretty early to run over some last minute stuff and get ready!

Exam starts and the first question, the one worth the most marks, was the horrid Sea Changes by Raymond Dean… the first time EVER it had come up in question 1 and this was completely unexpected….none the less we managed to fight through it!

Question 2 was Berlioz and there was nothing too unexpected here and the same with Mozart who featured in question 4 and finally the Beatles’ “She’s leaving home” appeared in question 4!

Irish music was very much approachable and we all found ourselves jigging away and bobbin’ our heads so it turned out to be a very enjoyable question…and lucky for me my chosen essay on Sean-nós singing even came up! 😀

The aural skills didn’t prove to be too difficult either and it was nice to hear a bit of Tom Jones! 😀
Our composition paper was also very nice as well, thankfully all the minor and tough stuff was avoidable and everything else was very manageable! 😀

And that’s it!! I’M FREE!!! NO MORE EXAMS!! 😀

Now it’s time to put into use what we really learned in school…the function of the liver and some real ‘music’!! 😀 Bring on the summer of 2010!!

Thanks and best of luck!



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