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November 8th, 2011 | | Tags: , , , ,


Irish Second-Level Students’ Union




Minister Quinn invites ISSU to open student consultation

8 November 2011

The Irish Second-Level Students’ Union (ISSU) is delighted to accept Minister Ruairi Quinn’s invitation for ISSU to host a national consultation on the new name for the assessment, which will replace the Junior Certificate Examination.

Leanne Caulfield, ISSU President said: “We welcome this opportunity to invite our student members to come up with a name for the Junior Cycle process that is youth-friendly, and which will enable young people to identify more with their own education. It is vitally important that young people play their part in any changes to the education system, and this will provide the opportunity for students to do just that.”

Niall Dennehy, ISSU General Secretary said: “We will be looking for a name that is exciting, dynamic and ensures that young people make a greater connection with their learning. Young people are best placed to take the lead in redesigning the way in which students learn at Junior Cycle level, and this will act as the crucial first step in allowing them to do so.”



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Notes to Editor:

The Irish Second-Level Students’ Union is the national umbrella body for school Student Councils, aiming to represent and connect Irish second-level students the length and breadth of the country, ensuring that the voice of the Irish second-level student is heard and striving for innovation and democracy within the education system. ISSU is a not-for profit student rights organisation.

At ISSU we believe that young people are not merely citizens in waiting – we deserve better, we deserve to be heard. We can and will contribute positively to society. It is so important that our voices, views and opinions are (i) heard (ii) listened to (iii) and most importantly respected. 


ISSU’s main aims include:

•    To provide training and development of second-level school Student Councils, in conjunction with relevant bodies.

•    To develop policies on issues affecting Irish second-level students and bring the needs and rights of students to the attention of the relevant authorities.

•    To provide a transparent, democratic and reliable organisation.

•    To work in collaboration with other educational institutions and bodies both in Ireland and Europe.

•    To work closely with educational curriculum policy makers and teachers’ unions to continually develop a transparent, fair and modern education system.

And most importantly, to give students a structured platform through which the voice of the Irish second-level student will be heard.


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