Junior Cert – Materials Technology (Wood)

David – Higher Level

My last exam!
I wasn’t nervous, at all, going into this exam despite doing very little study for it!
This exam has 20 short questions (do 15) and 6 long questions (do 3)

Short Question’s -These were easy, nothing hard, and you could make ”educated guesses” for a lot of them, having the choice of being allowed to not do 4, or get 4 wrong, is comforting as well! I got on well here!

Long Questions’s – I found them very fair this year.. despite me only being able to answer, well, 3. :L You see, I knew Question 1 and 2 are the same every year, and I can do them, easily and I then studied, manufactured boards, veneering, finishes and tress, hoping one of them would come up.. and they did! 😀 😛

Q1. Technical Graphics question… SOOOOOOO easy.. for anyone who does TG it’s practically giving you marks! It was just an elevation and end view, at a scale, nothing hard 😀

Q2. Design and stages of production, this was easy! Before I made my JC project though, I would have found this hard but after making it, I could basically answer the questions just from experience! 😛

Q3. Manufactured boards! Yay, easy question! I did this one realllllyyy quickly too! Nothing hard here, just know which board is which, and how they’re made, advantages and disadvantages and you’re sorted!

Well, that was an easy exam in my opinion! And I did a decent project too.. so fingers crossed! 😀

For those of you with Metalwork, music, spanish, latin etc.. while i’m enjoying my Summer, just Keep on truckin’ it will be over soon! 😀

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