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Lorraine – Higher Level

Hey guys!
Lorraine here and I’m just home from my Religion Exam which started today at 2pm and finished at 4pm!

I was feeling positive going into the exam and the minute I got the paper I got myself stuck into it! 🙂
I felt the Short Answer Q’s were very much based on Christianity which is grand 🙂 I did 18 of the 20 short answer questions and we were told to spend 15 minutes on that question but to I was done within 10 minutes!

The next bit I thought was handy! It was all about forgiveness and how it can be seen within a world religion youve studied so I was delighted with that! I know youll kill me for this but I cant remember much of the questions I did! We were told to do 4 out of 6 but I did 5 out of 6 because I felt Id messed up on an image of God question.

I think the questions were very easy to answer – alot better than science this morning!!

Finally I was onto my last question which is worth 70 marks So I knew I had to do a good job on this question. I picked a question on abortion in my mocks and I was really hoping it would come up for the JC but it didnt! I done a question about how things affect our questions of meanings and gave a great example!

Im very happy with Honours Religion and Im delighted that tomorrows my last exam!! 🙂

Roll on summer! Good luck to everybody in the exams and COYBIG!!

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