Junior Cert History

Katelyn – Higher Level   History was very good this year. The first three questions were grand and handy. I was very pleased with question four, the people in history question. Martin Luther and Columbus came up and I knew them inside out. Happy out. Question five was fine. It was on the Plantations. NothingRead More

Junior Cert French

Katelyn – Higher Level    The tape for French was a pretty nice one. It was very easy and there was nothing too challenging about it. The comprehensions were fine but the last two were a little bit difficult. There was no problem in regard to the note. It was very easy. The letter kindRead More

Leaving Cert French

Dylan – Higher Level   Today was one of my brighter days when it comes to comparing this bleak Leaving Cert period. I am just about half way there!! I opened the French paper to be greeted by a reading comprehension on hitch hiking. It was a handy text and most answers were easily foundRead More