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So today I had my business exam. Well I was certainly glad that insurance came up (in both papers actually). Trading, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet was easy, and I got it balanced 🙂 ! being honest I think that both papers were easy enough. #PREDICTABLE I found the forms of business question very easy to answer on as well. There is of course a lot of choice in the business papers, getting to choose 4 of the 6 long questions. Regarding the short questions in paper one; easy, although the forms of communication question was a bit odd.
Dear State Examinations Commission, please don’t try and be funny, because you’re not. Pie chart: How does Lady Gaga like her steak? Well done/Rare/Medium Rare/RAW RAW RAW RAW    Possible trick question, she would probably be wearing it. But no, jokes aside a lot of the business questions were common sense, obviously revision helps! French and History tomorrow, most of the exams are done now for me. I’ll be doing my last blog on the metalwork exam (which will be my last exam, and then FREEDOM!!!)  


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