Junior Cert CSPE


Well, as expected, C.S.P.E. was a breeze. The very first question in Section 1 was shockingly easy as it was only matching names to faces. It was plain sailing right through to the end of Section 1 after that. Common knowledge would have got you by on them. 
Section 2 again was effortless. I did question 1,2 and 4. Taking the information from the leaflet was very obvious and the questions about our own opinions were manageable enough. 
For the final section, Section 3, I did question 1 which involved an invitation. The invitation was a piece of cake and I added a lot of colour to ensure I got my 6 marks. The final 2 questions were very straightforward. Overall, it was a very exam that wasn't stressed over and I am proud to say I stayed for the whole allocated time. Time Well Spent!


Well there’s not a huge amount to say about CSPE, it was short and sweet. Selecting the names of Michael D. Higgins, Barack Obama, José Manuel Barroso and Ban Ki Moon and putting them with their faces was easy. No bother with filling in the blanks full marks their too. The reading comprehensions were very simple although I think some questions weren’t exactly about giving your opinion and more so giving an opinion that was deemed appropriate. CSPE as a whole isn’t really about educating people in civics and stimulating debate. 
CSPE is just easy marks and there weren’t any surprises, the exam isn’t even vital as you get most of your marks for your action project report. At least maths paper 2 (and 1 for that matter) of project maths phase three were easy too. So far it’s all going well, business studies tomorrow.

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