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Leaving Cert Geography

Jessica – Higher Level


Geography was the subject that I was completely confident about and somewhat expected to fly through the paper – oh how I couldn’t have been any more wrong! It was a total disaster! From the stupid short questions – anyone know what the hell plucking means from the glaciation question?? To the confusing geoecology questions. I’m so disappointed with how it turned out except I have to say that I was delighted erosional landforms and human interaction with rocks were there on the same physical question! I’m just banking on project to bring me up now!



Sheila – Higher Level


The Geography exam this year was a tough paper , however it did have aspects that were fair and manageable. The short questions covered all areas of the course . If you had practised short questions from previous years the section would have been fine.


The physical geography was the best section on the paper and the easiest with broad and non specific questions asked allowing you to chose many areas. In question 2 it asked for a feature of erosion and did not specify fluvial so that left the question open to many answers. The regional was difficult this year because of the phrasing of each question. They were put in such a way it was often hard to desipher what the question was looking for. I chose the last regional question and they asked about interaction between the economic political and cultural activities in any region. I managed to tackle it but planning it took considerable valuable time.


The economic section with human processes was fine it was not as difficult I felt as 2012 had been but was not completely straight forward as the questions focused on more minor sections of the chapters. For the essay style question I had studied Geoecology and I feel this was the section that really let me down. The questions were constructing and I feel they were unfair as they didn’t allow me to show all the preparation I had done.


The second question only allowed the discussion of vegetation soil and climate in relation to the biome. Even if they had added the animals it would have been more manageable. Overall it was tough but fair. I feel the last section let me down and I had hoped for a high grade. But you never know 🙂


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