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Junior Certificate Maths Paper 2

Art – Higher Level

I have to say, I don’t want to dwell on this in case the State Examination Commission change the marking scheme, but I was delighted with the paper! Though I must say that paper two is my favourite of the two by a long shot and I found paper one tricky, so don’t panic if you disagree with me. The trigonometry questions seemed pretty straight forward, bar one or two where they weren’t right angled triangles and you had to use measurements which I found strange. Both geometry and co-ordinate geometry seemed to be very doable. No theorem was needed to be proved, just mention it was a cyclic quadrilateral (proud of my spelling). The very very last part of the paper however I couldn’t calculate for the life of me. It was getting the radius but in a weird fraction. Other than the odd narky part here and there I overall was really happy with how it went.

Hopefully if I aced paper two it might balanced me up to a B :/ Please God…

Helen – Higher Level

I was feeling calm whilst going into this exam as I knew I had prepared all I could for it, of course I was nervous but I think that adds to the momentum of the whole day. Once I got the paper I scanned through the questions to see if there was any major bit that I needed to digest in my head before attempting it. I was surprised to see that there were no formal proofs on the paper, which I had learned off but hey it won’t go to waste! The construction was quite straight forward being that we only had to bisect the shape. Overall I felt that it was a fair paper with the odd blimp of a question here and there but I was fairly happy with how it went.

Jane – Higher Level

First of all shout out to the SEC for the prettiest and loveliest paper 2 I have ever laid my eyes on. I throughly enjoyed this paper, all the questions that I wanted to come up, came up! Even the hated question where we were given a picture of a water tank, I could get my head around and I really liked it. It was so rewarding when I got my answer at the end! Everything went swimmingly, including the question on the swimming pool which was the most gorgeous area and volume question I’d seen! Hopefully though, my answers were actually right and I’m not blissfully ignorant of the fact that I hadn’t read the questions properly or anything!

I feel very fulfilled after finishing my junior cert Maths course. I really felt great when I opened my paper and loved the feeling of solving problems and applying the knowledge which my amazing Maths teacher had taught me. I’m really looking forward to leaving cert math! (does that sound weird…??)

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