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Leaving Certificate Polish

Joanna – Higher Level

Polish was making me nervous. It’s one thing being fluent when chatting with friends, its another writing essays and stuff. I practiced essays with a friend until late last night and then again this morning, so going into the exam I felt ready but a bit drained.

The topic for the comprehension was a surprise – fanaticism, all about extreme states and opinions, but not about terrorists and ISIS as you’d imagine, it was more an analysis of the psychology of satanist teens wrecking graveyards and football fans getting into fights after matches, ready to die for their team. Not really a topic I’m comfortable in English, but thankfully the questions were easy enough and most answers came straight from the text.

Then the 100 word opinion piece, that was okay. I partially agreed with the quote that was given so I had a lot to say about it, being careful not to directly translate from English but to formulate grammatically correct Polish sentences. Then the 300 word essay was next.

The topic that I did was a quote from “Socrates” about the richest person being the one who has the least. It wasn’t too bad, just chatting about living in a materialistic world and how we need to appreciate things that we take for granted, like family and friends.

Overall, I took my time and wrote enough to feel happy handing it in. My written Polish isn’t the best, but I think the exam went well. Walking out of it felt surreal.

It’s all finally over! Woo!

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