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Junior Certificate Religion

Kate – Higher Level DSC04118 (1)

Over the last few days my study has been focused on History, German and Science so I had not put any effort into Religion. This was a mistake and I knew it was but to me science, history and German require more work and matter more. After science, I spent two hours cramming the religion curriculum into my head. Entering the exam I was very stressed. Once I opened the paper it was not nearly as bad as I anticipated. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible.

I flicked through the paper and circled the questions I would do and wrote some small bullet points for each question. I started the paper; short questions – easy, picture question – okay, document question – impossible. I had to forget about that and leave it to the end. I was so confused about stewardship, was it the CSPE stewardship or a different kind? I moved on and did questions 3,4,5 and 6. I thought that these questions were a lot easier than 1 and 2 (plus they were questions that you could waffle you way through). I then answered the essay question on how faith influences the lives of believers. I thought this was a wonderful question and produced a five page essay about Islam and it’s impact on the lives of Muslims. Finally I returned to the document and painfully went through it. I tried my best and think I produced a good exam considering the study I did.

Philip – Higher Level Philip Crowe. Abbey CBS

Now this is an exam everyone did a lot of study for! (sarcasm, so, so much sarcasm) Anyway I got short questions done quickly and I think I got at least ten. Next I did section two and I did every part so I had a spare. This was mostly total bullology but that’s what the examiners want! Then I moved on to section 3. This went ok and I think I did some pretty good answers. Next I did section 4 question 1, 4, 5 and 6. These are usually the hardest questions in the paper and although this was still true I think all in all I did well enough.

Finally I did section 5 and I did question 2 on Jesus and the type of Messiah that was expected. I did just under a page and a half. Then I had about five minutes to spare and I went back and started question 2 on section 4 but I didn’t get that finished.

Good look everyone whose doing home ec or German tomorrow, my next(and last) exam is tg so good luck to everyone doing TG and woodwork on Monday.!

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