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Meet Our Officers: Jane Hayes Nally, President



My name is Jane M Hayes-Nally, and I am a fifth year student from Loughaderra in County Cork. I was elected president of the Irish Second-Level Student Union last April, after my term as Education Officer during 2015/16. My love and motivation towards the Union has grown with every day I serve on the National Student Executive. I believe that with every student who discovers the work and aims of the union, the closer we become to realising our voices as students and advocating the changes that Irish students want.

As president, you are given much responsibility and therefore much is expected from you. I try to motivate the people who I work with and the students I meet, in the hope that they will share my determination and passion for our cause. There are many things I look forward to working on this term, from student events to our Board of Management project, and I am delighted to be working alongside the most fantastic people. I hope by the end of the year, I will be proud of the work we have achieved. 

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