English – #JC2017 – Kurt Scott

Kurt Scott – Ratoath College The theme of Mystery was well suited to the new Junior Cycle English exam, and the uncertainty attached to it. The questions presented were all very fair, and gave students every opportunity to demonstrate their skills, and knowledge of the curriculum, from discussing poetic devices and their affects to contemplating theRead More

English – #JC2017 – Diego Brule

Diego Brule – Colaiste Einde Salthill Galway Want me to be honest? I can say I almost didn’t prepare for English, solely because our teachers simply didn’t know what would come up(we’re the first generation to sit the reformed English JC) but hey, it actually didn’t go bad. (And if it did I can alwaysRead More

English – #JC2017 – Ellen Kenny

Ellen Kenny- Meánscoil Mhuire Longford So today was the first of the Junior Cert exams, starting with English. After the mocks, I think a lot of people were dreading the English exam and its restricted time; I definitely was. In the end though, I was actually surprised at the exam. Even though we still hadRead More

CSPE – #JC2017 – Luke Casserly

Luke Casserly – St. Mel’s College So CSPE was nice and handy like I expected! The short questions were very simple. The first buildings question was linked with the pillars of CSPE which I think threw a few people off. The rest were grand, except for a fill in the blank question asking for theRead More

CSPE – #JC2017 – Diego Brule

Diego Brule – Colaiste Einde Salthill Galway Being a climate change activist, and a member of the ISSU, I went into this test pretty confident, although I really didn’t know what to expect. I was just praying that climate change or some other topic that I’m passionate about would come up so I can rantRead More

CSPE – #JC2017 – Kurt Scott

Kurt Scott – Ratoath College I think we were all thinking the same thing when we left our CSPE exam today, “Who the hell is the UN General Secretariat?” In all seriousness, the CSPE exam was pretty much exactly how I had expected it would be. Anyone who has practiced using the Junior Cert papersRead More

English – #LC2017 – Alex Fogerty

    #LC2017 – #English Alex Fogarty – Ratoath College Well, that went well, thank you State Examinations! I was honestly so happy with this paper. I found it to be very fair and pretty well rounded. I answered Question A from Text 3, I enjoyed the theme of that particular text being childhood memories.Read More

English – #LC2017 – Maeve Richardson

  Maeve Richardson – St. Annes Secondary School Tipperary Town You know in a horror film when the character is approaching an empty corridor? And they shine their torch up onto the ceiling and the monster is suddenly there? Well, yeah that’s how the approach to the morning of English paper 1 felt. So, IRead More