Biology – #LC2017 – Sarah Connolly

  Sarah Connolly – Ratoath College While I had a great morning sitting Irish sweet lord I didn’t know what was coming when I got my biology paper, I’m kidding but it was definitely a more challenging paper than other papers but I got it done! There was a minimal choice on it but I’mRead More

Irish P2 – #LC2017 – Sarah Connolly

Sarah Connolly – Ratoath College Chun an fhírinne a rá, bhí an scrúdú seo go breá, Ní raibh ionadh orm nuair a chonaic mé hurlamaboc air mar bhí gach duine cinnte go mbeadh gnáthrud ag teacht suas, agus mar atá soléir sa scrúdaithe seo, Ní chuireann an SEC aon rud “obvious” ar na pháipéair! BhíRead More

Business – #JC2017 – Diego Brule

Diego Brule – Colaiste Einde Salthill Galway Business P1 & P2 If there was a single exam that scared the soul out of me, it was Business. Business was never my strong subject, strongly because of the high amount of memorisation that had to be done. The only topic I ever liked about business wasRead More

Irish P2 – #LC2017 – Michelle Chiperi Aivazova

Michelle Chiperi Aivazova – Colaiste Einde Salthill Galway I was a mess this morning trying to do some cramming before Irish, which turned out to be an amazing paper! I think there’s a pattern forming with my exams, I always think I’m going to actually fail and I end up getting a great paper!! IRead More