English – #LC2017 – Michelle Chiperi Aivazova

Michelle Chiperi Aivazova – Colaiste Einde Salthill Galway

I woke up this morning feeling quite sick to the stomach, much like the thousands of other students sitting exams today.

The morning went by in a blur, eating and getting ready and hearing everyone chatter and panic before the exam. I have a tactic- avoid and ignore everyone.
The exam began with me going through the paper, trying to figure out questions and choosing topics that would suit me. I chose the short story about the tattoo, and reading comprehensions involving poetry and freedom of expression. I love these two things!

I feel like the exam went smoothly, the exam hall did smell a bit yuck (I have to mention as my brain kept going back to this detail, unfortunately) but I think the exam flew by otherwise!

I hope everyone else did well and isn’t panicking too much. They feel like just another summer test really.

#LC2017 #StateExams #ISSU17


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