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#EnglishP2 – #LC2017 – Maeve Richardson

Maeve Richardson – St. Annes Secondary School Tipperary


So like every other student in the country i was very calm going into English paper 2….just kidding I got sick this morning.

So I sat into the exam centre and it took every ounce of strength I had not to flick straight to the poetry section as I knew this would make me freak out. So I stuck with Hamlet and my initial reaction was what in the name of the state exams commission would someone say about Laertes and Horatio but anyway I did the first question about Hamlet being a psychological thriller and agreed with it.

For comparative I wrote a pile of crap for the theme/issue question. I did part one and wrote about five pages for this. I actually left this question till last because I knew I’d need a lot of time for it.

Finally I moved to the poetry section. I found the unseen poem nice but extremely vague? Either way I answered the second question on its theme and tone. So finally the big one, STUDIED POETRY so the favourite Boland did make an appearance but I chose to do Bishop since she is one of my favourite poets. I was slightly disheartened when Plath wasn’t there at first but I got over it this.

So anyway, that wasn’t a paper with too much bite and at least it’s over and done with! So for now I’ll prepare for geography and maths paper 1. Best luck of everyone!

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