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Geography – #LC2017 – Kate L. Ryan


Kate Ryan – Colaiste Iascaigh

I’m not really sure how geography went if I’m honest. The paper seemed a bit weird in places and I’m almost certain I messed up with the timing. But all in all, it wasn’t the worst.
I think nearly everyone in the room let out a sigh of relief when they saw the geoecology questions in section 3. Everyone in my class was betting on human interference with biomes and luckily it paid off. I doubt I could have written as much on anything else.

The regional was sound. I had predicted the tertiary question on Europe and it’s not hard to write about primary activities in Ireland. I wasn’t too impressed by the physical. While I predicted interaction with surface processes, the essay I prepared on volcanic landforms wasn’t specific to Ireland. I had half of the essay essentially and had to throw down a couple of sentences on the giant’s causeway to make up the rest.

I didn’t mind the human processes elective. There was a nice essay on influences on population growth, but I ran out of time towards the end and rushed the essay on land use zones. The short questions were tricky in places but overall okay.
The paper was nice enough, but to be perfectly honest the problem with the geography course is the sheer volume of theory you’re expected to learn off. Even if you are some superhuman who can store 300 different essays in your memory, you’re not given enough time in the exam to show what you know. It can be quite overwhelming and I don’t think many students left their exam thinking they done enough.

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