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#Irish – #JC2017 – Maria Hayes

#JC2017 #Irish
Maria Hayes – Scoil Ruáin Killenaule

Paper 1 started off as usual, the tape test. It went really well I was able to clearly understand the speaker! When that was finished I went straight to the essay to put myself in a good mood. I wrote about “when my friend and I saw a car accident when we got lost in Dublin City”. I was delighted with how that went. I then did the grammar, it was easy enough too we had to write the passage in the future tense. My favourite tense! I finished off the paper with the comprehensions, they were understandable so I was very happy with them also!

2 and a half hours later I got landed with paper 2. The superintendents first pointed out a spelling mistake and then I looked at the themes for Prós and Filíocht, I’ll come to them in a second. I began with the Prós comprehension it went well. Then it came to the ‘themes’ you had to write about different places. I chose “áit scanrúil” which perfectly suited the novel I studied “Imithe” all was good. Then I moved on to the filíocht section. Read the questions and answered 2 from A and 1 from B (with great difficulty). Themes section came and all that was going on in my mind was “should have learned An tÓzón! Should have learned an tÓzón” but I dealt with what I had I chose “tragóid” (which at the time was only guessing it meant tragedy) and I wrote about “Reoiteog Mharfach”. After the exam I found out that tragóid meant tragedy, I was so relieved ?. I then chose letter B in which I had to write to a friend about how I met someone and what I did with them. Not so confident with the letter but my opening and closing paragraphs are perfect!

All in all, I’m delighted with how the Irish exams went!

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