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Your National Student Executive (NSE) 2015 – 2016

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ISSU NSE 15/16
The National Student Executive (NSE) are the nationally elected student officers who maintain the work of the ISSU on a daily and international basis. They represent, work and liaise with relevant Education bodies, and other Youth Organisations both in Ireland and abroad.

The NSE take office on the 1st May 2015. You can contact individual officers using their firstname@issu.ie.

President - Rob O'Donnell

Rob is a 19 year old sixth year student in Abbey CBS, Co. Tipperary. Rob previously held the position of ISSU International Officer and National Student Executive Secretary. Rob plays rugby, loves to travel, has a big interest in languages and student equality. Rob plans to continue the conversations in relation to the ongoing education reforms and he is confident that the next twelve months will be successful for the ISSU.

Email: rob@issu.ie

Deputy President - Joanna Siewierska

Joanna is an 18 year old sixth year student in St. Mary’s Holy Faith Killester, Dublin. Joanna has a strong interest in social justice, youth advocacy, sport and promoting positive mental health. She is hoping to study Law in Trinity College Dublin or University College Dublin next year. Joanna was previously ISSU Education Officer and her goals this year are to work on second-level education reform, investigate resources and the structures for guidance counselling, as well as aiming to establish setting up democratic Student Councils in every second-level school in the Republic of Ireland.

Email: joanna@issu.ie

Education Officer - Jane M.Hayes Nally

Jane is a 16 year old third year student in St. Mary’s High School Midleton, Co. Cork. Jane has a keen interest in education and believes that second-level school consists of so much more than studying. She has many hobbies ranging from golf and running, speech and drama, being involved with Comhairle Na nÓg and debating. Since a young age Jane has loved current affairs and politics. She believes that education can completely change and shape lives, and this is something that will drive her work as Education Officer this year.

Email: jane@issu.ie

Welfare and Equality Officer - Isabelle Geraghty

Isabelle is a 17 year old sixth year old student in the High School Rathgar, Co. Dublin. Isabelle has a huge interest in human rights, is an active member of her debating team and Model United Nation society also. She is hoping to study Politics and International Relations with Spanish in University College Dublin next September. Her goals this year is to focus particularly on the ongoing LGBT campaign and work with spreading awareness of mental health in schools, as well as trying to improve facilities regarding mental health issues and the availability of guidance councillors.

Email: isabelle@issu.ie

International Officer - Gearóid Dardis

Gearóid is a 15 year old third year student in St. Patrick’s Classical School, Navan Co. Meath and he will be going into Transition Year next September. Gearóid is Public Relations Officer for Summerhill ladies GFC and for his Student Council. He is also chairperson for the Amber Flag Committee within his school. Gearóid has a keen interest in languages, sport and he is also an active member of youth wing political party, Ógra. His goals this year are to address, challenge and create conversations at an international level in relation to what others can and should be doing for Irish second-level students.

Email: gearoid@issu.ie

Oifigeach na Gaeilge (Irish Language Officer) - Liam Morris

Liam is a seventeen year old fifth year student who will be going into sixth year in Coláiste Ghobnatan, Co. Cork. Liam is a member of his Student Council, is Vice-Chairperson in his Comhairle na nÓg, a youth member of his local Order of Malta and a host in his local “No Name Club”. He is a fluent Irish speaker and he has been speaking Irish daily since he was two years old. He has a real passion for the Irish language and its promotion comes naturally. His goals this year is to eliminate the stigma associated with the Irish language, the negative attitudes of our peers and to portray the importance and opportunities that it brings.

Email: liam@issu.ie

Campaigns and Communications Officer - Art O'Mahony

Art is a sixteen year old third year student in St. Patrick’s Secondary School, Castleisland, Co. Kerry. This is Art’s first year at the ISSU. Art is a firm believer and defender of universal equal treatment within our school community and for every student. Art studies and teaches guitar, enjoys running long distance and is an active member of youth wing political party, Young Fine Gael. His goals over the course of the next year are to co-organise important and successful campaigns for matters such as equality campaigns, further educating students on democracy and their rights, an Easter Rising student commemoration, negotiating the vote at sixteen referendum and increasing ISSU membership.

Email: art@issu.ie

National Student Executive Secretary - Helen Ryan

Helen is a 15 year old third year student in St. Mary’s College Arklow, Co. Wicklow and she will be going into Transition Year next September. Helen is Chairperson of the Wicklow Comhairle na nÓg and this is her first year being involved in the ISSU. Helen hopes to study Criminal Law at Trinity College Dublin. As secretary Helen hopes to bring a smooth running to the NSE and will overlook and partake in ISSU projects when she can.

Email: helen@issu.ie

Student Council Support Officer - Alex Fogarty

Alex is a sixteen year old transition year student who will be going in to fifth year at Ratoath College, Co. Meath. This is Alex’s second consecutive year on the NSE, he was previously ISSU Equality Officer. Alex is the Chairperson of his Student Council and he is also a member of Meath Comhairle na nÓg. His goals this year are to restructure the Regional Councils of Schools, link the ISSU National Councils to the NSE and drive membership at a local and regional level.

Email: alex@issu.ie

Honorary President - Craig McHugh

Craig is an eighteen year old fifth year student who will be going into sixth year in Coláiste Rís, Dundalk Co. Louth. Craig was the previous ISSU President and holds the position of ISSU Honorary President this year. He has been involved with a number of civil rights and youth organisations, honing a particular interest in the areas of equality, expanding our democracy and moving education away from the “rote learning” process. He intends to maintain a presence within the student movement for some times. Acting, debating, cycling, travelling, photography and writing are among Craig’s many hobbies. He is in the process of studying for his Leaving Certificate with History, English and Economics being his favourite subjects.

Email: craig@issu.ie