#French – #LC2017 – Michelle Chiperi Aivazova

#LC2017 #French Michelle Chiperi Aivazova – Coláiste Einde This morning I woke up not being able to stomach breakfast. French for me was a bluff exam, one I could have seriously just wrote down what I knew. That’s what happened, the comprehensions were easy and the opinion pieces were all so easy I left anRead More

#Physics – #LC2017 – Glen Kiely

#LC2017 #Physics Glen Kiely – St. Munchins College I sat the Physics higher level paper today. I thought that the paper was difficult enough, but wasn’t too hard. The experiments were tough but I was happy with them. at came up. Section B wasn’t too bad either, as usual, the mechanics Q6 was difficult. IRead More

#History – #LC2017 – Sarah Ní Chonghaile

#LC2017 #History Sarah Ní Chonghaile – Ratoath College Honestly I was happy with the DBQ but I knew before I went in that I wouldn’t get as much as I wanted written because my hand was already cramped from the week of intense writing prior! I was delighted to see partition on the sovereignty andRead More

#Religion – #JC2017 – Diego Alonso Brule Galleguillos

#JC2017 #Religion Diego Alonso Brule Galleguillos – Coláiste Einde Religion is probably the only subject I actually had very little knowledge of, as I missed first year and 2nd and 3rd year weren’t really productive, so I just did Ordinary Level. The test was quite simple, a few short to medium length answer questions aboutRead More

#ClassicalStudies – #LC2017 – Sarah Ní Chonghaile

#LC2017 #ClassicalStudies Sarah Ní Chonghaile – Ratoath College Honestly, I was delighted with this paper as the sculpture and painting questions were very straight forward. I did the two Aeneid questions as I could spend all day criticising Aeneas- abandoning your girlfriend hmmm I smell a rat! I liked the Alexander the Great question aboutRead More

#German – #LC2017 – Gabriele Grudyte

#LC2017 #German Gabriele Grudyte – St. Mary’s Holy Faith Secondary School, Killester Today I sat the German leaving cert paper. The one subject I love the most. I’m so happy with the way it turned out the topics that came up were amazing, couldn’t have asked for a better paper. I’m a very slow writerRead More

#HomeEc – #JC2017 – Katelyn Dunne

#JC2017 #HomeEc Katelyn Dunne – Ratoath College Home ec is one of my all time favourite subjects. However I was still extremely nervous for the exam (like everyone is). I had a vague idea of what would kinda come up, but still pretty clueless of what I was to expect considering a lot of theRead More

#HomeEc – #JC2017 – Emily Reilly

#JC2017 #HomeEc Emily Reilly – Meánscoil Mhuire Longford I was overall happy enough with the home economics paper this year. I didn’t prepare myself much as I was too excited to finish up and was hoping to receive the B I got in the mock. The paper started off with Section A which consisted ofRead More

History – #JC2017 – Ellen Kenny

Ellen Kenny​ – Meánscoil Mhuire Longford I thought history went really well today. The mock exam was definitely a good prediction for what would come up in the real thing, like how a person living in Rome came up for both exams and the renaissance came up for both in question 6. I was aRead More