History – #JC2017 – Luke Casserly

Luke Casserly – St. Mel’s College History is by far my favourite subject, so I was looking forward to this paper. I started off with Q6 and did Social Change in the 20th Century which I feel is pretty much common sense, I just hope I wasn’t too vague! Then I did International Relations inRead More

French – #JC2017 – Luke Casserly

Luke Casserly – St. Mel’s College I’ve done pretty well in French since first year so I wasn’t overly worried about todays paper. It all started with the listening which I always find pretty tricky. An annoying echo in the hall made it even trickier. I think I coped well though! Section A and BRead More

History – #JC2017 – Olivia Whelan

Olivia Whelan – Meánscoil Mhuire Longford In all, I really enjoy history, but like many others, coming up to a history exam I always get nervous as it’s one of the more ‘bulky’ and ‘heavy subjects. History always has me under pressure the night before studying. I was really hoping there would be a goodRead More

History – JC2017 – Diego Brule

Diego Alonso Brule Galleguillos – Coláiste Einde If you can quote me from before the mocks it would be something like ‘Irish history is the most boring thing ever’ but, when my history teacher said one of the essay questions is always definitely Irish history, it suddenly became the most interesting topic on the course.Read More

French – #JC – Diego Brule

Diego Alonso Brule Galleguillos – Coláiste Einde If there’s one thing I love more than learning sciences, it’s learning languages. There’s something about it, that makes learning languages so interesting. Maybe it’s because of the culture they carry, maybe it’s the fact of being able to speak more than one language, or maybe because youRead More

History – #LC2017 – Gabriele Grudyte

Gabriele Grudyte – St. Mary’s Holy Faith Secondary School, Killester So the long awaited history exam paper is finally over. My hand is throbbing, feels like it’s going to fall off. But it was all worth it. The cramming the night before, will hopefully pay off. The minute the examiner gives out the the papersRead More

French – #JC2017 – Maria Hayes

Maria Hayes – Scoil Ruain Today’s French exam began with the listening comprehension. I am very happy with how this section of the exam went! I could understand the speakers much more easily than in the mocks, thankfully! Next I began the comprehensions which put me in the French ‘zone’. I was happy with mostRead More

Biology – #LC2017 – Sarah Connolly

Sarah Connolly – Ratoath College While I had a great morning sitting Irish sweet lord I didn’t know what was coming when I got my biology paper, I’m kidding but it was definitely a more challenging paper than other papers but I got it done! There was a minimal choice on it but I’m happyRead More

Irish P2 – #LC2017 – Sarah Connolly

Sarah Connolly – Ratoath College Chun an fhírinne a rá, bhí an scrúdú seo go breá, Ní raibh ionadh orm nuair a chonaic mé hurlamaboc air mar bhí gach duine cinnte go mbeadh gnáthrud ag teacht suas, agus mar atá soléir sa scrúdaithe seo, Ní chuireann an SEC aon rud “obvious” ar na pháipéair! BhíRead More

Business – #JC2017 – Diego Brule

Diego Brule – Colaiste Einde Salthill Galway Business P1 & P2 If there was a single exam that scared the soul out of me, it was Business. Business was never my strong subject, strongly because of the high amount of memorisation that had to be done. The only topic I ever liked about business wasRead More