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State Exams

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The written State Examinations will begin on Wednesday 3rd June 2015.

Exam Timetables 2015

Exam Fees 2015

Sitting the Junior Certificate State Examination will cost €109

Exam Results 2015

Examination results will be delivered to schools in mid-September


Percentage Range Grade
85 or over A
70 but less than 85 B
55 but less than 70 C
40 but less than 55 D
25 but less than 40 E
10 but less than 25 F
Less than 10 No Grade

Coping with Exam Stress

Exam Appeals and Rechecks

When will my Junior Certificate results become available?

The State Examinations Commission will release JC results to schools and online in mid September.


I am a Junior Certificate examination candidate. Can I view my marked examination script?

No. Candidates in the Junior Certificate do not have the opportunity to view their marked scripts.


Can I appeal my results ?

Yes. If you wish to appeal a result in any subject in the Junior Certificate you must apply to do so through your school. Your school can then apply to the State Examinations Commission on your behalf. All applications from schools must be sent to the State Examinations Commission accompanied by the appropriate payment. All applications from the school should reach the Commission by 5 p.m. on Friday 27th September, 2013. Late applications received will not be considered. The Commission will not accept applications directly from individual candidates, parents or teachers.


What is the appeal fee?

The appeal fee for Junior Certificate is €32.00 per subject. The fee will be refunded if the outcome of the appeal is that you are awarded a higher grade.


What happens during the appeal process?

Your script is sent to an appeal examiner for re-marking. This examiner is different from the examiner who originally marked your work. The appeal examiner completes a full remarking of your exam using the official marking scheme. In some subjects involving practical/project work it may be necessary for an appeal examiner to visit the school to re-mark work stored by the school.


Is it possible that I could receive a lower Junior Certificate examination result on appeal?

No. Junior Certificate examination results are not reduced on appeal even if the appeal examiner finds that the marks awarded originally were too high.. The practice recognises that the appeals process exists to ensure that the marking scheme was fully and properly applied to the work produced at the examination and that Junior Certificate candidates do not have the opportunity to see the application of the marking scheme to their work.


When will the results of the Junior Certificate appeals be known?

Junior Cert appeal results should be sent to schools in November 2015.

Exam Timetables 2015

Exam Fees 2015

Sitting the Leaving Certificate State Examination will cost €116

Exam Results 2015

Examination results will be delivered to schools at 9am on Wednesday August 12th 2015

The State Examinations Commission will also issue all the results electronically to the CAO. This means that while the statements of provisional results are in the course of issue to schools, the CAO is able to process applications for entry to higher education without delay. This brings about the earliest possible issue of higher education offers to you.


Getting your results Online/Over the Phone

You may also access your examination results via the Internet and telephone using a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and your examination number. Your PIN will be made available through your school or direct to you, if you entered as an external candidate. This year both services (telephone and Internet) will operate from 12 noon on the day the results are issued, Wednesday 12th August. The telephone and Internet services are intended as an alternative service, if for some reason, you are unable to avail of the result service offered by your school. These services are not intended to replace the valuable service and advice provided to you by schools at result time. In addition, you have access to all of the supporting documentation necessary to avail of the viewing and appeal processes at your schools.


The address to access results via the Internet is www.examinations.ie. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be made available through your school or direct to you if you registered as an external candidate i.e. non-school based.


Number to call within the Republic of Ireland: 1530 716 016. Calls cost 33c per minute (incl. VAT) Calls from payphones and mobiles may cost more. The Number to call from outside the Republic of Ireland: 00 353 1 6885312 (International call rates apply). This service is only accessible by use of a tone telephone.

Technical Support: If you are experiencing technical difficulties using this service you can call Technical Support on 0818 217 100

Results Helpline

Each year the National Parent’s Council (Post-Primary) organises a very valuable helpline, providing advice and guidance for candidates and parents, staffed by professional guidance counsellors, for one week following the issue of the results. (The Council also provides a helpline for one week following the issue of the CAO offers). The Freephone number for both helplines is 1800 265 165


Percentage Range Grade
90 or over A1
85 but less than 90 A2
80 but less than 85 B1
75 but less than 80 B2
70 but less than 75 B3
65 but less than 70 C1
60 but less than 65 C2
55 but less than 60 C3
50 but less than 55 D1
45 but less than 50 D2
40 but less than 45 D3
25 but less than 40 E
10 but less than 25 F
Less than 10 No Grade

Exam Appeals and Rechecks

Viewing Exam Scripts

Will I be able to view my scripts this year?

Yes. The Viewing of Marked Scripts process provides Leaving Certificate Candidates with an opportunity to see how the script in question was marked. Each candidate will be allowed to bring one other person with him/her to the viewing session.

Will I have access to my oral and practical marks?

Only the scripts from the written and aural examinations are returned for viewing. However, the results of all examination components including written, oral, aural and practical components are re-marked on appeal.

Is it essential that I view my scripts if I wish to appeal?

No. An appeal application may be made without having viewed the script. However, the viewing facility provides a candidate, who may feel that his/her grade does not fully reflect his/her performance on the day of the examination, with an opportunity to see how the marking scheme was applied to the work.

Can anyone else view my script?

Only if they are accompanying you to the viewing. As the candidate concerned you must first decide whether or not you wish to view a script and then you must be present in person at the viewing centre in order to do so. Your scripts will not be released to any other person even with your permission. You may wish to take particular note of this requirement when making holiday arrangements.

Where can I view my scripts?

Marked scripts will be returned to the examination centre where you sat your examinations.

How do I apply to view scripts?

Application forms for Viewing Scripts are issued by the Commission to schools and other education providers together with the Leaving Certificate results. The forms are personalised and will show your exam details including your subjects. If you decide you would like to view a particular script(s) you mark the form accordingly. You must return the completed form to the school by Tuesday, 18th August 2015. If you are an external candidate, your personalised application form will be sent to you with your results.

Is there a fee for this service?

No. This service is provided to candidates without charge.

What happens next?

The Organising Superintendent appointed by the Commission to your school will assign you to a viewing sessions. The viewing sessions for the 2015 examinations will take place on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th of August 2015. Check back here for times closer to the date.

Leaving Cert Appeals

What is the procedure for appealing results?

The Commission will provide your school or education with a personalised appeal application form. In the case of external candidates the form will be enclosed with your results. This form is designed so that you can indicate the subject(s) you wish to appeal.

What is the appeal fee?

The fees for appealing a result in a subject in the certificate examinations are as follows:

Leaving Certificate Established €40 per subject

Leaving Certificate Applied €15.50 per subject

Appeal fees must be paid in advance and will be refunded to you if your result is upgraded. The refund will be made through your school if you are entered by a school.

How do I pay my appeal fee?

If you decide to appeal, your appeal is clearly important to you. You alone have control over, and responsibility for, the vital first steps in making a valid appeal:

Use the giro/internet form provided, ensuring it is correctly completed.

Return it on time to the School/Organising Superintendent.

Bank Giro facility:

Your personalised appeal application form and associated bank giro form contains a unique reference number which enables the Commission to trace your payment and match it with your appeal application when it is received from your school. You should take the form to a bank and pay the fee through the bank giro facility. The form duly stamped by the bank should then be returned to the school so that your scripts can be associated with it and forwarded to the Commission. Please ensure that you use the bank giro form provided by the Commission. If you use a bank giro slip provided by the bank (which does not have a unique identifier) it may delay or totally invalidate your appeal because it could prove exceedingly difficult to subsequently establish that you actually paid the appropriate fee.

Internet facility:

When you have completed your appeal application procedure on the Internet you will be provided with a Form (which you must print) showing the subject(s) which you have opted to appeal. This Form should then be returned to the school so that your scripts can be associated with it and forwarded to the Commission.

If you are an external candidate (E10) you should return your personalised appeal application form/Internet form to the Organising Superintendent at the centre where you viewed your scripts so that he/she can forward your appeal application to the Commission with the script(s) concerned.

What is the appeal closing date?

The closing date for receipt of completed appeal applications for the 2015 Leaving Certificate Examinations is 5.30 pm on Wednesday, 2nd September 2015. The closing date for Junior Certificate appeals will be announced at a later date.

Outside of the formal appeal process, what can I do if, on viewing a script, I see what I believe is a clear discrepancy between the mark awarded and the grade awarded?

In the event that you discover a clear and substantial discrepancy between the mark awarded and the grade awarded, you should ask the Organising Superintendent at the location where you viewed your scripts for a Form AP1 and complete it in accordance with the instructions. The Organising Superintendent will attach this form to your script and send it to the Commission in Athlone Co.Westmeath where it will receive immediate attention.

You should note that this facility applies only where it is clear that the total mark awarded is inconsistent with the grade awarded and where the matter can be resolved administratively (i.e. without recourse to the question paper or the marking scheme).

The test therefore for what can receive immediate attention after the viewing of scripts is a very rigorous one. Any issue of interpretation regarding disallowed questions, computation of marks within questions and in the script, in relation to the application of the marking scheme, or claims that work has not been fully marked can be resolved only through the formal appeal process and the re-application of the marking scheme by an appeal examiner.

Candidates who opt for this administrative facility should be aware that, because of the short time interval involved, they are unlikely to know the outcome in relation to their claim before the passing of the appeal deadline. It may be prudent, therefore, to lodge a formal appeal, so that in the event that the point raised is not upheld, or requires interpretation by an Examiner, you will not have denied yourself access to the appeals process because of the passing of the appeal deadline.

Coping with Exam Stress