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/> Leaving Certificate Results will be available in the month of August 2016

Exam Timetables 2016

Exam Fees 2016

Sitting the Leaving Certificate state examinations will cost €116 per student.

Exam Results 2016

Examination results will be delivered to schools in the month of August 2016

The State Examinations Commission will also issue all the results electronically to the CAO. This means that while the statements of provisional results are in the course of issue to schools, the CAO is able to process applications for entry to higher education without delay. This brings about the earliest possible issue of higher education offers to you.

Getting your results Online

You may also access your examination results via the internet using a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and your examination number. Your PIN will be made available through your school or direct to you, if you entered as an external candidate prior to the exams. Online services will will operate from 12 noon on the day the results are issued.
The address to access results via the Internet is www.examinations.ie.

Calculating Points

ISSU LC Points Calculator

*Remember your best 6 subjects make up your total points.
*Foundation level points are awarded to subjects Irish, English and Mathematics.
*Bonus points are only awarded to Higher Level Mathematics when it is included as one of the students best 6 subjects.

Leaving Cert Applied Grades (over two years)
Distinction 85% – 100%
Merit 70% – 84%
Pass 60% – 69%

LCVP Grades
Distinction – 70 Points
Merit – 50 Points
Pass – 30 Points

Viewing your Exam Scripts & Appeals

If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your exam results, you have the option to view your exam scripts and then the option of appealing your results to the State Examinations Commission. For more information see https://www.examinations.ie/


Viewing your examination papers

– Your school will have a form which must be completed and returned to your school before a specified time if you would like to view your exam scripts. Make sure to ask your school for this form.
– You will be provided with a specified time to view your exam scripts.
– There is no cost to viewing exam scripts.
– You can only view written exam scripts. Oral exams or practical exams cannot be viewed.
– One person can accompany a student to view scripts, but someone cannot view the script on his/her behalf.


Appealing your result

– Your school will have appeal forms, which must be completed and returned to the school by 2nd September 2015. Please read form carefully.
– For external students, a form should be included with your leaving cert results.
– Appealing subject results costs €40 per subject and must be paid up front. The cost for the Applied Leaving Cert is €15.50 per subject,
– A different examiner will remark your script with the same marking scheme.
A subject may be upgraded or downgraded due to appeals.
– If the subject is upgraded, your fee will be returned to you.

Results Helpline

Results Helpline

Each year the National Parent’s Council (Post-Primary) organises a very valuable exam helpline which provides advice and guidance for students and parents. This Free Exam Helpline is staffed by professional guidance counsellors. The Freephone Exam Helpline is 1800 265 165 and will be live from when results are issued.

Exam Timetables 2016

Exam Fees 2016

Sitting the Junior Certificate state examinations will cost €109 per student.

Exam Results 2016

Examination results will be delivered to schools in the month of September 2016