History – #JC2017 – Luke Casserly

Luke Casserly – St. Mel’s College History is by far my favourite subject, so I was looking forward to this paper. I started off with Q6 and did Social Change in the 20th Century which I feel is pretty much common sense, I just hope I wasn’t too vague! Then I did International Relations inRead More

Leaving Certificate History

Craig – Higher Level  I’m pretty sure it says somewhere in the UN Declaration for Human Rights that putting a 3 hr history exam and a 3 hr French exam on one day is in fact – wrong. History was exhausting. Once I opened that paper I was straight in – highlighting, as Liam doesRead More

Junior Certificate History

Shane – Higher Level  Oh my God, I am still in shock at how amazing that History Paper was! As soon as I got the paper, I went straight to the “People in History” section. I cried some real tears of joy when I saw a medieval monk and Columbus. I had studied about 12Read More

Junior Certificate History

Jane – Higher Level This was the exam that I had procrastinated until 24 hours before hand, where I decided to seriously knuckle down and you couldn’t tear me away from my history book! I started with questions 4, 5 and 6. If I could ever give someone golden advice, it would be to doRead More

Junior Cert Business

Mark – Higher Level So today I had my business exam. Well I was certainly glad that insurance came up (in both papers actually). Trading, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet was easy, and I got it balanced 🙂 ! being honest I think that both papers were easy enough. #PREDICTABLE I found theRead More