#German – #LC2017 – Gabriele Grudyte

#LC2017 #German Gabriele Grudyte – St. Mary’s Holy Faith Secondary School, Killester Today I sat the German leaving cert paper. The one subject I love the most. I’m so happy with the way it turned out the topics that came up were amazing, couldn’t have asked for a better paper. I’m a very slow writerRead More

Junior Cert Irish

Sophie – Higher Level Today was the Irish exam, everyone was terrified coming into school today. When we got paper 1, I had a quick read through it. At the beginning there was the two “Leamhthuiscint”s, they weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. But even before that there was the listening test,Read More

Leaving Cert German

John – Higher Level No major surprises here in a pretty fair paper. As usual, the reading comprehensions were abstract to say the least. The extract from a literary text concerned an overworked journalist falling in love with a life-sized stuffed pig she sees in a toy shop. Those Germans! In the final question, weRead More

Junior Cert CSPE

Katelyn Well, as expected, C.S.P.E. was a breeze. The very first question in Section 1 was shockingly easy as it was only matching names to faces. It was plain sailing right through to the end of Section 1 after that. Common knowledge would have got you by on them.   Section 2 again was effortless.Read More

Junior Cert Irish

Mark – Higher Level So I came into the school this morning to start Irish paper 1, which I felt confident in. The aural went great overall and thankfully there weren’t any issues such as heavy rain! So at least we’re getting something from the good weather. After we got the listening art finished IRead More

JC French

Roisin (Higher Level) Today we had French and history. The day started with French and I felt that it went pretty well. The listening section was easy enough; I think I only missed one or two answers. The reading comprehensions were all fine, except for number nine which was pretty tricky. The letter wasn’t tooRead More

LC Irish Paper 1

Ailbhe (Higher Level/Ardleibhéal) Well after that funny little listening comprehension (clean toilets yeah right!) and the Oxegen newsletter just in to my mailbox, I don’t feel like I am now 3.5 subjects deep into the abyss of the Leaving Cert. As I leave the great news to sink in, I’ll give the blow by blowRead More