Meet Our Officers: Joe Mee

My name is Joe and I’m a transition year student attending Scoil Ruain Killanuale. I am dyslexic and practice no religious. As a result of being different, I felt isolated and even bullied. I then did research on the topic of dyslexia and found many students had as bad or even worse school experiences. Talking withRead More


Press Statement ISSU speaks out in opposition to using students as pawns in industrial dispute Teachers are often too slow to embrace significant change, and on this occasion they have brought reasonable talks to a deadlock due to a failure to adapt. Teachers correct hundreds of school-based assessments for individual subject exams or indeed forRead More

Leaving Cert Japanese

Shahed – Higher Level At long last, the final exam! Being the only student in the whole school felt very strange, to say the least. The exam wasn’t too tough. There were three comprehension questions, with questions in both English and Japanese, and plenty of grammar questions. There were also two essay questions on eitherRead More