The ISSU fully supports and encourages International Students Day through our European body the Organising Bureau of European School Students’ Union (OBESSU). We feel that all second-level Irish students should see and understand the benefits of what International Students Day brings. For instance, it fights for;

– the freedom to live in dignity
– freedom of movement
– freedom to study

We may not all understand the importance of the freedom of movement, however, we need to support our neighbors students in countries far and near who don’t have this simple but necessary right.

The freedom to study is one we can all relate to. In Ireland we have a constitutional right to learn. Join us and millions of other European and International Students from across the globe to celebrate student rights and International Students Day on Tuesday the 17th of November. You can post photos to social media and use the hashtags #free2learn and #free2move to connect with students worldwide!

For more information see The International Day of Students website!

Gearóid Dardis, International Officer of the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union