Roisin (Higher Level)

Today we had science in the morning and religion in the afternoon. Science went well, I think, I was able to answer all the biology and chemistry questions fairly easily. The physics was a little bit harder, and I wasn’t sure about a few of the questions, but all in all I felt the paper went pretty well.

James (Higher Level)

This morning I had my Science exam. I thought this exam would be quite tough and I was trying to put the nerves to the back of my head before the exam started. However, as I read through the paper, I was surprised not to see too many tough questions. It was challenging but equally satisfying when I filled in all answers with good detail. I finished the exam with some time to spare and was satisfied coming out of the school. This is the start of my long weekend before my Materials Technology (Wood) exam and my Technical Graphics exam on Monday. Talk then, James.