David – Higher Level

Hi all, just back from business paper 2, I had both papers today and despite not doing much study besides cramming last night, I think I did pretty well! The exams weren’t easy or tough, they were okay.

Paper 1:

Paper 1 has the short questions as well and I did okay on this. I got two wrong I think, and a third which I’m not sure of. All in all, the short questions were grand. On this paper I did Q1,2,3,4 and 6, so that’s 5 instead of four. I was happy with the questions and flew through Q1/Q2/Q4 (household budget, club accounts and Economics) then Q4 and Q6 were a little slower but still less time than recommended. I don’t know if that’s good or bad! Oh well, I looked over all the questions again, made a few adjustments and left about a half an hour early.

Paper 2:

On this I did Q2/Q3/Q4/Q5 and Q6, so again, that’s one extra. I was happy with this paper, they could have made it a lot harder! Q1 Business documents and bookkeeping took me like 10 minutes 😛 Q2 Cash flow forecast I flew through also, it was like a shorter version of household budget, this took me about 15 minutes. Then Q4/Q5/Q6 (final accounts, credit sales and bad debts, finance and report writing). None of these were hard but they all took a little bit extra, again I was finished about an hour early and looked over them again for about a half an hour.. again, not sure if that’s good or bad, I guess I’ll find out in September! I was happy with this paper though and it went well. 😀


Jack – Higher Level


Ah, business. Possibly my strongest subject.

Paper One was very good. Section A (the short questions) were very fair. Nothing unexpected came up. I feel I did quite well.

Section B was surprisingly easy.

Question 1 was a nice revised budget. Nothing unexpected here. Luckily, it balanced first time!

Question Two was a Club Account. Nothing unexpected came up. The Balance Sheet had been predicted by many. My accounts balanced on the first go!

Question 3 was a lovely economics question. Once again, no surprises. I feel I did well.

Question 4 was a very easy consumer question. I had it done in a short space of time.

At this point, I had my four questions done. With just under an hour left, I tackled the remaining two as back ups.

Question 5 was great. Just filling in a sheet!

Question 6 was probably the hardest, yet still easy.

Overall, Paper One was a very fair paper. It was quite easy to me.


I quickly skim read the paper. To my delight, no ratios!

I began with a lovely business documents question – Question 2. It was quite fair.

I moved to Question 3 next. This was a great cash flow forecast. It balanced first time!

I decided to tackle Question 6 next. It was great to see they included the template for a report! This was a lovely, fair question.

I now had to pick my fourth question. I opted for Question 4. I had practiced final accounts over and over. It balanced first time sound!

With another while to spare, I went to Question 5. This was an okay question.

I turned my attention to Question 1. Books of First Entry. I had originally planned to do this as one of my first four, but chickened out! I did it through at a slow, calm pace. It didn’t balance! I checked every single figure to find I put a figure on the Dr when it should have been Cr! But then it balanced!

Overall, Paper Two was a very fair paper to all, it seems.

I am extremely happy with how I did! Now to cram for History and French. My weakest subjects… Good luck!

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