Lorraine – Higher Level

Hello All!

Lorraine here and this is the last ever blog I’ll be writing about my Junior Cert :O Today I had Home Ec! Im honours 🙂

The exam started at 2pm so I had all morning to study! It finished at 4:30pm! I went into my area at around 20 to 2 and It was all girls studying and gossiping!! I sat down with some friends and My home ec teacher came up to us and just asked us how we were feeling, any questions we had for her etc etc 🙂
I can honestly say My home ec teacher is the best in our school, she genuinely cares about her students and she reminds me of a second mammy!

I walked into the exam at 2pm and I was raring to go! I had studyed all morning andI just wanted to get it over and done with. The short answer questions were brilliant! For the first time ever, I looked at them and thought ‘I know how to do you!’ – They were really handy and bar the last 4 queestions which were on sewing skills which I have to be honest, I hardly looked at.

Then I was onto the long questions and my god they were brilliant!! Q1 was the nutritional information of a fruit smoothie and I have to say I found it very easy to do. Then Q2 was on breakfasts and in one part ofit we had to do out 3 different breakfast menus for a school going teenager so I did 1 coeliac breakfast menu, 1 normal teenager brekfast menu and a low fat brekfast teenager menu. Q3 was all on consumer studies and Q4 was on the Family which I was delighted with!

Overall, I found the exam very doable! I just worried that I’d run out of time. I was writing literally til the last minute and I was the only one left in the room with my examiner. Im very happy with the paper and Im happy to be finished!

Good luck to everyone with more exams to do and thanks for reading all my boring blogs on the exams! 🙂


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