ISSU Commentary

Leaving Certificate Accounting higher level candidates encountered an anticipated range of questions in an overall ‘very fair’ paper, according to many. Question 1 was as expected, and few could complain. Question 5 p (b) was presented in a somewhat uncommon way, with ‘projected’ figures being provided, rather than ‘historical figures. Some blasted the elusive way it was put, and some students reportedly missed it. Question 7, where candidates had to account for ‘Investment Income Due’ could have been a hitch, as students would be unaccustomed with handling this type of accounting entry. The ‘Disposal of Buildings’ account part of the question, was described as ‘problematic and awkward’. Another positive was Section 3, which was predicted, and the ‘cash budget’ and ‘costing questions appearing. The ordinary level paper was described as ‘fine with nothing unexpected. Overall students seemed happy, bar a few challenging parts here and there.


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