Mark – Higher Level


So I came into the school this morning to start Irish paper 1, which I felt confident in. The aural went great overall and thankfully there weren’t any issues such as heavy rain! So at least we’re getting something from the good weather. After we got the listening art finished I skipped through to the grammar questions, changing a paragraph to the aimsir chaite was beyond easy 🙂

I then chose to do an essay on an incident that happened when you were working in a shop (In my case this was a fire, which I had prepared loads on so I jumped with joy to see that it was based indoors). I began planning it out and writing down a list a phrases that I should include in it and I managed to get more than enough of them into it. Then I came back to the reading comprehensions, which I usually dread, but fortunately they were manageable and I think I did great in them. So I was entering into paper two very confidently, even if Irish isn’t my strongest subject.
Now I really dislike paper two usually but that’s mainly due to the unstudied poetry and unstudied story. So I decided to get the studied poem and story done first and the choices of themes and type of people suited mine perfectly.  Then of course we had the choices of letters to do, where I chose B which was about you being a member of a band. That was no big deal and was a bit too easy really. And then came the unstudied questions… Not the best part of the exam. But I gave it a good guess anyway so hopefully it didn’t do too much damage. Then of course I have the marks from the oral too. Overall, I’m feeling confident with my Irish exam. Geography and Maths paper 1 is next up


Katelyn – Higher Level


This paper wasn’t a bad one. The tape was reasonable and the reading comprehensions were manageable. The Aimsir Chaite came up for the blog. It made my day. The scéal options were very good as-well. Overall, it wasn’t a bad paper. I was quiet pleased coming out.



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