Sheila – Higher Level


So Irish paper 2… Well what a great paper. I have never been happier with an Irish paper I thought the comprehensions were surprisingly easy. They were so easy I was sure I had missed something but there you have it they were generous with the comprehensions this year. The only difficulty I had was the grammar question on the second comprehension. The Pros question was Oisin. I’m sure a lot of people were delighted with that because every teacher seems to have drilled Bealoidis into each students head. The twist was the second aspect to the question however that too was manageable.


Mo Ghra Sa is one of the harder poems I think but the questions were easy to understand and they even put in a question on the poet which is great because its something you would have learned off. Then An Triail, which had the added twist of having to talk about Padraig which was the last thing I wanted but they allowed you to show his influence on her life so you could continue on speaking about Maire once you explained his relevance. Hope every one is doing well and the exams are flying by.



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