The Irish Second-level Students’ Union welcomes the preservation of the pupil/teacher ratio in both post-primary and primary schools. The fact that other funds relating to second-level education have been preserved is also welcome.

ISSU President, Mark Caffrey said that ‘the Government budget proposal is supportive to education and respects its great importance. In a time of unprecedented reform of the education sector it is important that the necessary funds for these reforms are provided.’

He also stated that ‘Whilst the Haddington Road agreement is the main point of contention within the Education Sector it is important to note that the budget has maintained the current pupil/teacher ratio in primary and post-primary schools.

The ISSU also glad to see that disadvantaged school communities will be protected from budget cuts this year.

ISSU Education Officer, Robert O’Donnell stated that ‘the education aspects of the budget are welcomed by myself and many other members of the ISSU.  The security of funding for DEIS schools is crucial for students in these schools, and we are glad to see that this funding will not be altered.’


The Irish Second-level Students’ Union welcomes will work with all other stakeholders to maintain a quality education system in Ireland at second-level.