Sophie – Higher Level

Today was the Geography exam. Geography was probably the only exam I haven’t been worrying about, because I got an A in the mocks. When we got the paper I went straight to the long questions and ticked which ones I could do. Then I did all the short questions. I didn’t know all the answers but I made a guess. I did the short questions super quick I was finished them in 15 minutes.
Then I made my way onto the long questions. I did questions: 1, 3 and 5. The first question was about Rocks, about the formation of Basalt, oil exploitation and weathering. I knew this question and I was happy when it came up. I also did question 5 which was an ordnance survey map and aerial photograph question. My sketch of it was a little funny but the question is really easy. Question 3 was about population, I hadn’t studied population since Christmas but I still remembered everything. Overall the geography paper was pretty easy, and now can say I’ve another exam done and dusted and ready for week two of the exams.


Keela – Higher Level

Day 3. Geography.
I went into the exam with a few nerves as before hand I looked over different topics as a quick revision and there was just so much to remember.

I started off with the short questions. I found these easy. I answered all of them except for the glaciation questions as my class didn’t cover that topic since it’s optional. I thought they were a great way to get me in the zone for the long questions. The questions I was dreading.

After a few short minutes , I was on to the long questions. I gave them a quick read to see what options there were. I started with the OS Maps and aerial photograph. I found this the best to start with as I knew I could get marks on this section. I thought the map of Dungarvan was quite easy to sketch as there wasn’t to much coast line to draw and the features were easy to find and fill in. Also answering the questions on the OS Map and aerial photograph were quite easy as I found it easy to find the answers on the pages.

I then answered question 1 on Rocks and Weathering. Even though it was all 1st year stuff I found it easy to remember as I read over them at the weekend. I especially like the question on Freeze Thaw Action as I got to draw diagrams to do with it.

Finally I answered question 3 on Population Studies. I found these quite easy as the the graphs were clear and easy to read and also the work we did this year in school on population really helped. I found some of the answers were quite simple.

Overall I was quite happy with how the exam went and how I did. After leaving the exam a few minutes early I found out that I was not the only one who found geography easy. Many people in my year were happy with what came up and think they will all do well, as do I .

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