Alex – Higher Level

The myth has been confirmed! I definitely found that exam easier than the Mocks, hands down. I know, however, that some people found it difficult and confusing; I was talking with some friends and classmates who felt this way but we all have different opinions. I, personally, found the exam to be not so hard, at least not as hard as I thought it would be. I did find some parts to fairly tricky.
I found the Venn Diagram Questions to be quite difficult, they really made me think. The last question, Q.14, I found the hardest and most frustrating; because I knew what they were on about but couldn’t remember how to do it. I had 40mins left so I took a deep breath and thought about for a good 10mins. Eventually I remembered and I was able to finish the Paper in good time, with time left over to check the whole thing twice.
Overall I found it to be an alright exam, I feel I did well; although as I said, there were harder parts than others. But it was definitely easier than the Mocks (for me anyways).
That’s all I have to say, I’ll be back on Monday with Maths Paper 2! YAY!! Can’t wait!!*


*I was being sarcastic


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