Brendan – Higher Level

Tablets and tattoos were probably not on the minds of many candidates this morning as they entered their exam hall, but they certainly were by this afternoon.

The comprehensions were as to be expected. One related to a family circus and the other to strict parents. Question 1 was about whether parents give too much freedom to young people in Ireland. The diary entry is a favorite of many, but who would have though it would be a dilemma about whether or not to get a tattoo with a friend? So unpredictable.

The question about banning smoking was interesting and a real test. It was not merely smoking, but a question about whether you agree with a total ban; two very different things and it would have been easy to dive in and forget about the question. I decided to take an alternative approach that although smoking damages ones health we live in a democracy and such a measure would be akin to a dictatorship. A bit of a stretch one might say, and in a way it was, but it was also a different thesis to an agreement to ban smoking totally. I did the question on tablets as an extra.

French is not an exam where time constraints are a pressing concern. As a whole, I thought it was a fairly reasonable paper.

Declan – Ordinary Level

The ordinary level French paper was a very good paper. I thought the comprehensions were the finest. I did both the CV and close test (so, they can take my best one for the marks). I did the postcard about going away to Switzerland skiing with my family. It was great, didn’t mind it. Although, I did forget some minor words and nearly wrote it in Irish. I did the diary entry about moving to a new house and school etc. It was pretty easy. All in all, it was a handy enough paper.


Sarah – Ordinary Level

I wasn’t at all nervous for French for some strange reason.. When we got the paper I flicked straight to the back to see what the message and postcard was like, which is the ones that we chose to do. This and the fill in the blanks and CV question. I did the English comprehensions first but I thought they were a bit difficult to get the answers… I gave up after these two and went straight for the A question. The fill in the blanks was pretty straight forward. The words given were easy words and it was easy to work out the answers. The CV questions were pretty good too although one question threw me back a little cause I didn’t know exactly what it meant. But I answered it and went onto the next thing. The message I thought was a bit tricky because I didn’t know some of the vocab for it but other than that it was grand. Then I did the postcard and thought it was pretty simple, but one part got me. I could not for the life of me think of Monday in French… I was trying to figure it out and all I could think of was Irish… What a shame haha but it doesn’t matter now! The finally I did the French comprehensions. I thought they were easier than the English ones and did them no problem! The listening was good as well. The questions given were good and it was easily understood in most parts. Overall, I thought the French paper was pretty decent and I’m quite happy with it! 🙂

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