Keelyn – Higher Level

Although certain parts of the paper were doable, some of the questions were quite mean especially considering there was no mention of financial maths or algebra. It was mainly to do with arithmetic series and integration. Let’s just hope paper two will be more straightforward

Brendan – Ordinary Level

Area and Volume and Co-ordinate Geometry are expected to generally appear on Paper 2, but in going with what seems the general trend of the state examinations so far today bucked the trend and emerged on Paper 1. Apart from that there were no major surprises, although of course some questions proved more challenging than others. A question about the theory behind complex numbers was thought provoking. Overall it was a manageable paper, the final question about the rocket was in particular very straightforward. Most of the candidates seemed reasonably happy with the paper and are now looking forward to a brief rest before diving back into study. Paper 2 is my stronger of the two, and I am looking forward to Monday.

Aoife – Ordinary Level

It would be completely impossible for this exam to have gone any better. Everything was so straight forward, and that 75 marker at the end was the cherry in the cake. The tricky question with the box had me stuck for a while, but it was more manageable when I stopped to think about it. I spend so much time studying for paper two, I was a bit worried with this one but that paper was easier to me than any of the sample papers I did to prepare for the exam. I know many people that were struggling with ordinary maths that were laughing as they came out. I’m hoping for a B with that paper, let’s hope paper 2 is as nice. 🙂


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