PRESS STATEMENT July 2nd, 2014


Irish Second-Level Students’ Union Statement on the Resignation of Ruairí Quinn as Minister for Education and Skills



The ISSU notes Minister Ruairí Quinn’s announcement that he will resign as Minister for Education and Skills next week.


Minister Quinn pioneered mainly vital and student-focused reforms to the education system which would likely not have been introduced by others due to their controversial nature but which were hugely important in improving the quality of Irish education and for this, the ISSU is very grateful.


Minister Quinn has had a strong working relationship with the ISSU for a number of years both as a Minister, and as an opposition spokesperson before this. Minister Quinn was very supportive of the importance of student voice in second-level education, and much of the progress the ISSU has made in recent years would not have been possible without his support.


ISSU Deputy President, Robert O’Donnell said; “I would like to thank Minister Quinn for his service in the Department of Education and skills, including his engagement with the ISSU. He showed great interest in the second-level Student movement and gave us a lot of help and support. I wish Minister Quinn all the best in the future.”


ISSU Education Officer, Joanna Siewierska said; “We have really enjoyed working with Minister Quinn during his time in the Department of Education and Skills, and particularly appreciated the opportunities provided for students to engage with the Department on a number of issues, particularly in the past year when we conducted a study on the student experience of the Transition Year. On behalf of the ISSU I would like to wish him all the best in the future.”
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