Rob – Higher Level

Rumours had been going around that we would get a poem or prós that had already been examined, so I spent all this morning learning the facts about the poets of Mo Ghrá-sa and An t-Earrach Thiar, as well as Coldcaradh and Géibheann. I was banking in either Cáca Milis or An Gnáthrud to appear for Prós, it had been a long time since we had studied the other 3 options. I studied A Thig Ná Tit Orm for my Litríocht Breise and I always liked it, except the question in the mock had not been very clear. I was apprehensive going into this exam, as just like English Paper 2, my result would come down to pure chance.

I was delighted to see the options come up as they did. I found both of the comprehensions relatively clear and easy to understand. Even the grammar questions were not too hard to find. The topics were interesting and I had followed the “One Young World” conference when it was happening last year, so I knew what the topic was about.

The question for Cáca Milis about Catherine was straightforward, as were the three for Colscaradh. While I found the question on Maidhc’s interest in football and music to be a bit limiting. In “A Thug Ná Tit Pen”, I’m fairly satisfied with the answer I wrote.

Overall I’m quite surprised how straight forward both the papers in Irish were his year. Since it seems most people feel the same, I’m wondering now how strict the marking scheme will be. We’re past the halfway point, only five more exams to go!

Joanna – Higher Level

I woke up with my stomach in a knot this morning. I was tired and had two tough exams to get through. Thankfully, it was early enough to eat, do some revision and then cycle peacefully to school, so by the time I arrived I was a lot calmer. Many thanks to Rob for his tip on Pros and Filiocht, it saved me a lot of nerves in the morning!

I was hoping for a nice character question for “An Triail” and it came up (woo) so I did that first. Then Caca Milis and Colacaradh. I left the comprehensions till last and just highlighted answers in the texts, then re-wrote them in the answer booklet and had just enough time to write out good long answers for the question 6 (b) parts. I was also delighted to see Aimsir Laithreach and Aimsir Fhaistineach in the grammar sections, nothing completely strange or impossible to figure out.

Overall, it was a really manageable paper and I was relieved when it was done, although my hand was kinda sore and I was starving!

Lorraine – Ordinary Level

Hey all! 🙂
Sorry I wasn’t on yesterday-crazy day! I woke up feeling really sick and not from nervous unfortunately 😛 Anyway I thought the papers were really nice yesterday exactly what we deserved so today, naturally enough, they had to be horrible, and I think they were! Irish Paper 2 wasn’t an exam I can say that I was worried about but I, like many other ordinary level students, only studied the stories and poems that didn’t come up last year. In my blissful ignorance I thought sure why would they trick us into putting last years stories this year? And as usual, I was wrong!:P

I had spent a long time going over gnathrud last night because our teacher had warned us it was looking like a likely question and it did make an appearance on both mock papers! I wasn’t too worried about the poetry and the reading comprehensions. The first comprehension was about Rory McIllroy and I found it easy enough. Next there was a comprehension on Hilary Clinton which was all grand. I couldn’t believe my eyes though when I turned the page and saw Oisin IdTir na nOg and Hurlamaboc…I’m not going to lie I actually did check to make sure my paper was 2015. A cruel trick SEC, a very cruel trick! I decided that I’d come back to it when Id got my head around the fact that I had wasted valuable time cramming the wrong stories and I continued onto the poetry. I found the poetry fine- An tEarrach Thiar and Mo Gra Sa Idir luibini- my other prediction! The questions were very straightforward the usual themes. I turned back to the story section after I was finished the poetry and I started Hurlamaboc, I knew my Irish was bad trying to explain it but I did remember the story. Oisin was another problem though and I feel sorry for the examiner correcting it. At the end of the day, they aren’t worth enough marks for me to be super upset about so you win some you lose some!! Once I don’t start writing Irish during French tomorrow Ill be fine 😀

Isabelle – Higher Level

I found myself quite nervous going in to Irish as, like the majority of the country, I was going in with only 2/5 covered for the prós and poetry! But thankfully, paper 2 had been just as nice as paper 1 and everyone was pleased to find colscaradh and cáca milis just had they had suspected! With very nice questions, might I add.

For my studied text I did “A Thig na Tit orm”, and I found the question a bit tedious. It didn’t leave much room for elaboration, but I did my best with what I had prepared! The reading comprehensions were a bit repetitive, although I found the one on “One Young World” quite interesting as I had followed the story of Yeonmi Park before! I had half an hour to spare so I packed up my stuff and ran off to cram as much biology as possible!
Overall, I found this years Irish papers very approachable (and predictable thank the lord).

Leah – Higher Level

Well, wasn’t today just completely jam packed! My morning began with Irish Paper II, the same as many people. I was forced to rush my way out of my house when I realised I was almost late for my exam after some intense, last minute, frantic revision.

I arrived at school in the nick of time and I proceeded to hesitantly open my exam paper, as I had my doubts that I expressed in yesterday’s blog post on Irish Paper I. Anyway, as I opened the paper and began to flick through the paper, my smile got bigger and bigger again until I was beaming.

The Léamhthuiscints were each dreamy. They were so easy, compared to my mocks! I didn’t even mind the Question 6(b)’s – they were the nicest questions of those kinds I’ve ever seen. Even better than that was that I, for once, could actually comprehend the comprehensions.

I continued on to do the question on Cáca Milis and, let me tell you, I breathed a sigh of manic relief. If the question had turned out to be on Seal i Neipeal, I would’ve walked out of the exam centre. And don’t even get me started on how Colscaradh came up! Of my god, we were definitely one of the luckier exam years 🙂

Finally, I went onto the last page and I wasn’t too thrilled about the question on An Trial but it wasn’t horrible. I was only sorry I ran out of time. Other than that though, I am absolutely delighted with Irish Paper II. Now I only have Japanese to get through in the language department and then we’ll all be free to enjoy our summers! Cheers to that.

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