Chloe – Higher Level Chloe Griffin. Scoil Ruain

Wow. This was such a nice paper in my eyes!

So firstly we tackled the listening, there wasn’t any really challenging vocab here although I honestly haven’t a clue what collided with that truck and I also wasn’t sure where Christopher was being collected, but other than that I thought it went well for me!

Next was the reading comprehensions. For the mock I remember spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to find the answers but today I was relieved when I was finding answers quite easily. I thought the back to school comprehension was the trickiest and I also didn’t know what the guys mother worked as for the very last comprehension, I honestly have never seen the word ‘usine’ before and I actually thought it was a typo of the word ‘cuisine’ so I wrote down that her mother worked in a kitchen (I know, I know). Other than they were quite simple I thought!

Then came the postcard and letter. My postcard went really well but my letter was a bit dodgy in places just with stringing a few of the sentences together but other than that it was okay and I think I used a good range of phrases and vocab here!

Overall French went so well, I was expecting a more difficult paper but thankfully this was definitely a kinder year.

All the best for science tomorrow guys!


Philip – Higher Level Philip Crowe. Abbey CBS

As I said french is my worst subject but I don’t think I did too badly on this paper. The listening was pretty much the same level as others I’ve done. For the most part the same goes for the comprehension, except for the one about the people who had their house broken into, which I struggled with. In the postcard and letter it’s difficult to know how you did and despite not knowing some words that were needed I think I twisted it in well enough, like putting church in instead of cathedral.

Finally the letter. Luckily for me I hadn’t been relying on an informal letter and this letter was also general enough. Overall I don’t think I did badly in this paper but, especially in French, I don’t like saying how I did before I get the results.

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