Joe – Higher Level Joe Mee - Scoil Ruain

Woodwork is my favourite subject so I was confident going into this exam.

I started with the shirt question and they took less than half an hour and I was happy with them.

I moved onto question one then. You had to draw an elevation and end view of a laptop stand. As I do tech graph as well, this question suited me. For the final part of the question I suggested using a finger joint.

I then did question five A on the lathe next. You had to list parts, list safety precautions, say how to bore a hole in a lamp and suggest a clear applied finish. It wasn’t that difficult and went well.

I left my favourite until last, the question two on design. I drew a box with wheels and handles. For the last part of the question and then sketched in chamfered for safety and a bunny done with marquetry for appearance.


Chloe – Higher Level Chloe Griffin. Scoil Ruain

Okay so anybody that they could predict this exam was in for a shock today. Only for the fact that I got up early today to study more than what I had predicted I would have been in so much trouble in this exam. Woodwork is my least favourite subject and I absolutely hate the theory for the simple reason that I have absolutely no interest in it! Unfortunately I wasn’t gifted with an artistic streak either and so I have always avoided the Q1 and Q2 in this exam.

So before going into the exam I was set on doing Q3, Q4 and Q5B. All of my study since Friday revolved around these questions and I had never crammed so much in all of my life for a subject, I should have won an award!

I started with Q3 which was grand, not as straight forward as usual at all but doable. Next on my list was Q4. I swear if you asked me to identify a selection of any other type of hand tool I could have done it but I was kicking myself that I hadn’t looked at chisels. I hadn’t a notion and I just had to move onto Q5B and I would come back to it. Q5B was just not appealing me to me whatsoever and I chose to do Q5A instead which went well enough.

So then it was time to choose a third question I was left with Q2 as my only other choice as I wouldn’t know where to start with a working drawing. I think it went well apart from the sketches which I made a huge effort with but I’m not joking when I say I can’t draw, so drawing something without tracing was really pushing the boat far out into the water for me!

Before this exam I would have been a firm believer in that you should never try something in an exam that you haven’t done before, but after today I guess sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get the most marks as possible !

I hope you guys had a better run at this than me but hey maybe not!

This is my last exam blog and I’d just like to say thanks to all that have read the blogs and to all of you that have written them as well. I have enjoyed reading other opinions just as much as I have writing my own!

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