Kate – Higher Level DSC04118 (1)

I was somewhat dreading this paper due to my experience in maths paper one. After a disastrous maths paper one, paper two was delightful. Paper two is my stronger paper and I surprisingly dint’ struggle with any of the questions. I answered the theorem question first (as it I would forget it if I didn’t do it straight away). The theorem was wonderful, ‘prove that all the angles in a triangle add up to 180’. Next I went back to the start and answered everything. The first question,  I answered using trial and error so I may lose some marks but sure what can you do. The question on the inter quartile range threw me a little and I ended up doing two or three graphs to display my data. Other than that the paper was great. Compared to the difficult paper one, I was glad to have an easy paper to save my grade. All in all I thought this paper was wonderful and a nice follow up to paper one!

Philip – Higher Level Philip Crowe. Abbey CBS

I opened this paper and went straight to the theorems while I still remembered them. I have to be honest here, I almost laughed when I saw what theorem it was. I don’t think anyone would disagree that we got the easiest theorem. I mean, what are the odds? (Ok its like 1 in 5 but most of the teachers in my school were predicting the pythagoras theorem proof). Anyway I think that’s enough about the theorem.

After that I went back to the start and worked my way through. The paper over all went well enough, there were a few questions I found though but I think they were only five markers (but it was an irrational panic because I finished with time to spare). For some reason the graph question went against me, it just didn’t seem to be working out, but I think I got most of the answers on that question. I think most of the other questions were in the log tables!

Shane – Higher Level Shane Macken

So, Maths is over! I could not be any happier to tell you the truth (that is until I finish TG). I feel fine about this paper. Some parts were easy, some weren’t. I was going fine until Q4 on co-ordinate geometry. I spent a lot of time studying it but still just couldn’t do it. Anyways, things picked back up after it and I was working away well. The whole feeling of this paper was also different. I sat down and started it, but everything felt quite slow. I felt like I sped through Paper 1 on Friday but this felt much longer and drawn out. I was also extremely annoyed they put the easiest theorem on the paper because I invested a ridiculous amount of time studying theorem 14 (proving Pythagoras) and then the one one the angles in a triangle adding up to 180 degrees comes up instead? Honestly, I still feel I did well but I didn’t like the format of this paper.

It felt different to other years and just weird. Fingers crossed that I got the B! I will be glad to see the back of an exam year Maths class for another year. I hope you all did well in this paper and are feeling very optimistic!

Chloe – Higher Level Chloe Griffin. Scoil Ruain

Well I can start by saying I am so happy that theorem of Pythagoras didn’t come up as I was dreading its appearance and thankfully to prove that the 3 angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees did. This was my first question and it was also the beginning and end of my happiness in paper 2.

I can honestly say that I couldn’t answer one question with a full notion of getting it right. I was scanning my brain for inspiration and it never came. I began with the idea that paper 2 was my ‘favourite’ but that was slowly crushed as I delved into the pages. So much for relying on it to push up my grade, now that I look back paper 1 was much more straight forward!

That’s my opinion, but most of my friends were the contrary I think it was just one of those exams where things just weren’t ‘clicking’ if you know what I mean.

Overall paper 2 was a disaster I stuck at it though and didn’t give up with questions easily, which I’m proud of but overall I’m disappointed with it….to say the least!!

Joe – Higher Level Joe Mee - Scoil Ruain

After doing poorly on paper one I was not looking forward to this exam.
The exam itself wasn’t as difficult as I had feared. I understood most question bar a few parts. The exam went well and the paper had no nasty surprises.





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