CAO Offers


If you wish to accept a CAO offer,  you must do so online or by post before the closing dates below.

Also, there may be some courses with vacant places and an up-to-date list can be found on

If you wish to view scripts or appeal a result, details about this are available here.

Round One:

Offer Date: 22nd August, 2016 from 06:00
Reply Date: 29th August, 2016 by 17:15.

First round offers of places are issued to successful applicants at this time, notices are sent to those who do not receive any offer also.

Round Two:

Offer Date: 1st September, 2016 from 06:00
Reply Date: 7th September, 2016 by 17:15

A second round of offers will be issued to fill any remaining course vacancies.

After Round Two:

Offers will be issued as necessary until October 2016 to fill any vacancies which may arise.