What can a Student Council do in their School?


There are many different positive actions that a student council can take. Here we have provided some examples of what some of our member student councils have done. You aren’t limited to the examples here – there are literally thousands of things you could do! As always, if you need guidance on any issue please get in touch with us.



Action by Student Council


 Healthy options not provided in school canteen. The student council did a survey of all students which       showed that most students were dissatisfied with the       options provided in the school canteen and would like     more healthy options provided for lunch.  They then       brought this to the attention of the school management   and staff who ran the canteen. More healthy options were           provided in the school canteen,   and it was agreed that a survey   of students would be done once   a semester to monitor students’   views on the canteen.
Uniform A number of female students requested that they be allowed to wear trousers as their uniform instead of skirts if they wanted to as they were easily available as the male students wore them as part of their uniform.  This was discussed at the student council who agreed that the female students should be allowed to wear trousers if they want. The student council chairperson wrote to the Board of Management who agreed to allow female students to wear the skirt or trousers which were available as their school uniform.
Mini-company Transition year representatives requested that the Council lobby the school to include a mini-company project as art of the Transition Year curriculum.  The student council agreed that it would be a valuable addition. The student council chairperson met with the Transition Year coordinator and outlined why the Council thought that a mini company module should be included.  They agreed to include it in the curriculum the following year on a trial basis.
School exams A number of students asked their class reps if they could get the schedule for school exams published further in advance.  At the time, they were only getting the final schedule a few days before the exams, and said they would be able to plan their study better if they knew the timetable earlier. The student council secretary met with the vice-principal.  It was agreed that the final timetable for future school exams would be available at least 2 weeks before the start of the exams.
School tracksuit A number of students had complained to their class reps that the school tracksuits which were available, were out-of-date and not of the same quality of other local schools. Representatives from the student council met with the principal and discussed what was available to other local schools at a similar cost.  The principal agreed to contact the tracksuit provider about a new tracksuit, and some class representatives would help select the new school tracksuit.
Green schools A first year representative suggested that the school should apply for a green flag as their primary school had one and they thought that it would be a good way to promote environmental awareness. The Council set up a Green Schools Committee, who worked with staff and students to fulfil the required criteria to get a green flag for the school.